Sunday, March 05, 2006

Good news about an impending law suit!

Movie update, the good news is there won't be a law suit.

I looked into what rights you have to get to parody something... like, oh I don't know... hockey night in canada.. just as a random example. And it looks like you don't need to get the rights. I guess there's been a few big law suits overturned in the past. One about Naked Gun 33 1/3's promo poster. One about a 2 Live Crew song, then I sort of slipped into a coma - law websites are a bit dry.

But basically the copyright laws are there to prevent profiteering off of others work, not mimicing them for comedy or social commentary. Which is good news - that's about 30 less phone calls that I have to make.

But while I'm in a copyright frame of mind I'm going to do some calling and emailing around to see what kind of music or maybe even musak I can secure for the movie. I've got a wishlist of some songs that would work really well, and kick a little ass. Hopefully I can get an okay for a few of them.

Craig - Director / co-writer of Zombie Night in Canada


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