Monday, February 06, 2006

Schedule for Zombie Night in Canada.

Hello all,

We worked out a timeline for the movie. The important dates being July 1st - Aug 6th that's when we're going to be shooting it! So if you want to help on the movie, try to make time around then, or at the very least keep your weekends free. June 1 -3rd we'll be working out who is going to work on the movie and I'll be schooling everyone who wants to help but doesn't yet know how to do a certain job. and May 7 to 27 we'll be casting.

Here's an extensive schedule, incase you want to help out with any of the preproduction of the movie.

Feb 18 - Work out a Budget
Feb 28 - Official Website Deadline & T-Shirts available for sale!
Mar 11 - Deadline for Funding Applications
Mar 31 - Props Deadline (I'll post a list of what we need also)
Apr 2 - Makeup and FX breakdown & try to get ahold of Val (who's a great makeup artist)
Apr. 30 - Makeup Deadline (have everything we need and done some testing to make it look good)
May 6 - Storyboard Deadline
May 7 - 27 - CASTING - everyone is welcome, bring your funny
May 28-31 - Call backs
June 1-3 - Crewing up
June 4-10 - Camera and Makeup Test
June 11 - Shooting Schedule Deadline
June 11-30 - Rehearsal
June 30 - Final Makeup, Wardrobe and Props Deadline
July 1-Aug 6 - Shooting
Aug 10-19 - Pickups (if needed)

Then of course I'll have to get a job right away to pay down some of the debt. I just aquired and I'll be spending all my free time editing the movie.

Yay, zombie movie. it's gonna be some good times.

Craig (co-director, co-writer)


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