Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Blog Journal To Supplement a Webpage

Hello zombie/homour fans,

I give myself about 5 posts here. The idea is to give a slapdash journal of making a shit your pants funny independent zombie movie in London On.

So as of now, we have a script. It's done, but it's going through it final polishing that will make it not only better, but easier to make.

It's been 4 years (Jesus!!) since I graduated film school. So I cracked open all my school work and books from their boxes in the garage of my parents house to bone up a bit. It's all coming back to me. I mean I can watch a movie like a pro... so how hard should it be to make one?

We also have a locations breakdown (only 15 locations - and we could get lucky and get like 8 of those locations all near each other) - right now I'm concerned about getting into a nice church to shoot a zombie wedding... not sure what the churches stance on sacrilage is these days?

We also finished our wardrobe breakdown... the conclusion is that suspenders are funny... and those old school suspenders for socks are really funny!!

Oh ya, we refers to my brother Bryan. Basically we're co-writing and co-directing the movie. He's doing special fx makeup and I'm doing cinematography for the movie.

I figure that we'll need about 10 000$ to make the movie (gas isn't cheap these days). and right now we have a grand total of.... 0. So we are putting a lot of effort into making money. My bro has a job pimping out cars, and I'm editing wedding videos right now - but I might have to get a job to make some money. I'll be applying for grants and telefilm money and all that within the next week or so - that would fucking rock to get some of that cash. We also came up with a bunch of cool ideas for t-shirts, and Bryan is going to air brush or silk screen them or something and sell them to friends and over the webpage... if you buy 5 or more we'll give you an executive producer credit!!

and my next task is to story board the movie, and Bryan is doing concept art for what the zombies will look like, and hopefully he'll start doing some makeup tests.

the next post will be the next time when I need a break from all this work

Craig Rice
Writer/Director of Zombie Night in Canada